Non-magnetic & non-conductive bearings

Non-magnetic and Non-conductive Bearings

Sometimes applications require bearings to be non-magnetic or non-conductive. Such bearings may be required in, for example, medical equipment such as MRI scanners, electron beam process equipment, semiconductor equipment, liquid crystal manufacturing, magnetometers and other areas of the electronics industry.

Both 52100 grade chrome steel and 440 grade stainless steel are magnetic and conduct electricity. Testing a bearing to see if it is stainless steel by holding a magnet to it will only work with an austenitic grade stainless steel bearing (e.g. 304 or 316 grade).

Different materials for rings, balls and cage are required where a bearing is required to be non-magnetic or non-conductive. We have various options.

Our semi-precision acetal resin bearings have either 316 stainless steel balls or glass which fit these requirements. We can offer bearings made from different plastics too such as PEEK or PTFE.

We stock full ceramic bearings. These have rings and balls made from zirconium dioxide or silicon nitride. These are supplied with PEEK retainers or without a retainer (full complement).

Another option is a non-magnetic stainless steel bearing made from 316 grade stainless steel. The cages are also made from non-magnetic and non-conductive material such as acetal resin or PEEK. These can be supplied with 316 stainless steel balls or Si3N4 ceramic balls where non-conductivity is required.