Food & beverage industry bearings

Food Grade Bearings for Food and Beverage Industry

Our 440 grade stainless steel bearings and our acetal resin bearings are widely used in food and beverage industry applications. These bearings often have to cope with regular wash-downs, steam-cleaning, contamination, possibly high temperatures, fluids and other corrosive materials.

TARSO bearings also have to comply with the food industry’s rigorous hygiene standards and our stainless steel ball bearings can be supplied with non-toxic lubricants approved to NSF (formerly USDA) H1 or H2 standards. We can also offer bearings with a choice of food grade lubricants to withstand the ingress of water or cleaning chemicals as well as coping with regular steam cleaning.  

Our food grade bearings are supplied with metal shields or rubber seals. For higher temperature applications, Viton seals are available for many sizes along with food approved high temperature grease. Our stainless steel bearings can be relubricated to withstand up to 300 C for high temperature applications such as bakery equipment.

For applications that are too corrosive for 440 stainless steel ball bearings, we stock a range of full ceramic bearings in zirconia or silicon nitride. Our ceramic bearings are also suitable for much greater temperature extremes. In addition, we can supply food grade plastic bearings made from acetal resin, polypropylene or PEEK and highly corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel bearings.