Chemical & pharmaceutical industry bearings

Stainless Steel Bearings, Plastic Bearings and Full Ceramic Bearings for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

We supply corrosion resistant bearings in a variety of materials including plastic bearings and ceramic bearings. The most common corrosion resistant bearings are made from 440 grade stainless steelwhich can be supplied with chemically resistant lubricants or food approved lubricants for the pharmaceutical industry. We also stock 316 grade stainless steel bearings for more aggressive environments.

Bearings can be offered in different materials depending on the application and load. Acetal resin corrosion resistant bearings cope well with many alcohols and chlorides while polypropylene bearings will offer good resistance to acids and alkalis. PEEK bearings can be used in the presence of a wide range of chemicals.

Our full ceramic bearings have excellent corrosion resistant properties. We offer ceramic bearings from stock in zirconium dioxide and silicon nitride.  

We can advise on the best material for your required application and offer bearings for many applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries including:Bearings subjected to washdownCleaning equipmentChemical processing equipmentChlorine systemsFilm processingFuel handlingOxygen systemsSolvent handling