Bicycle bearings

Precision Bearings for Bicycles

We stock bike bearings for road bikes or mountain bikes to cover different applications. Our thin-section radial ball bearings, often referred to as cartridge bearings, can be used as bottom bracket bearings or bike wheel bearings (hub bearings) and are available with metal shields, rubber contact seals or our “2RU” rubber low friction seals. For greater corrosion resistance, we can supply these in stainless steel and with waterproof lubricants.

TARSO use high quality hardened chromium steel or 440 grade stainless steel for longer life along with the smoothness and low friction normally associated with their bearings. The standard lubricant in shielded or sealed bearings is a water-resistant, hard-wearing lithium grease but we can also relubricate with a totally waterproof marine grade grease.